billhome2 Bill W. and Dr. Bob (with Janet Surrey,1990)

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“Paints an endearing portrait of friendship and human weakness with warm humor.” -New Yorker

An insightful new play.” -New York Times

In 1929, famous New York stockbroker Bill Wilson crashes with the stock market and becomes a hopeless drunk.

Dr. Bob Smith,a surgeon from Ohio, has also been an alcoholic for thirty years, often going into the operating

room with a hangover. Through an astonishing series of events, Bill W. and Dr. Bob meet and form a relationship, each helping to keep the other sober. This is the amazing and often humorous story of the two men who pioneered Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as the story of their wives, who founded Al Anon.

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Experience the 2007 off-Broadway hit Bill W. and Dr. Bob captured on DVD. Absorbing, moving, and often amusing, this richly evocative play tells the story of the two men who pioneered Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, as well as the story of their wives, Lois Wilson and Anne Smith, who founded Al-Anon. It is the great American story of two men who, alone, were going to die, but who together not only found a way to live, but also created a program for healing that has spread throughout the world.

“The miraculous story, beautifully told, of the men who named the disease and created the cure.”- Martin Sheen, actor and activist

“This is a remarkable performance that is sure to contribute to the de-stigmatizaion of the disease.” – U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy

“A must-see!”- Adele Smithers, The Smithers Foundation

“The play is not only entertaining, it is a powerful portrayal of the start of one of the most remarkable events of all time – the birth of AA!”- Robert Lindsey, president National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.

“This play brilliantly and truthfully captures this astonishing history, the relationship that led to the founding of AA.” – Chris Lawford, author of Symptoms of Withdrawal

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