Public Speaking

March 2nd 2013 | in Newsroom, What People Are Saying

Pre-order the Book | Visit the Website (To be released June 30, 2015) SAMUEL SHEM IS AVAILABLE FOR SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS A world renowned speaker, Shem is known for his humor and gift for inspiring audiences. Topics include “Staying Human in Health Care—…and in Life.” Also, “Staying Human in Corporations.” For a full list of topics go to: […]

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A Book Doctors Can’t Close

August 18th 2009 | in New York Times, Newsroom

The New York Times By HOWARD MARKEL, M.D. August 18, 2009 It was a raunchy, troubling and hilarious novel that turned into a cult phenomenon devoured by a legion of medical students, interns, residents and doctors. It introduced characters like “Fat Man” — the all-knowing but crude senior resident — and medical slang like Gomer, […]

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What it’s like in a country without war

August 10th 2009 | in Boston Globe, Newsroom, Op-Ed

By Stephen Bergman  |  August 10, 2009 DATELINE: Tierra Tranquila, a house on a mountain above the Pacific in Costa Rica LAST NIGHT we sat out under the equatorial stars and listened to the sounds of howler monkeys, birds, and cicadas. At 2,000 feet, there are no mosquitoes. This morning at dawn we watched three […]

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2009 Harvard Medical School Commencement Speech

August 6th 2009 | in Newsroom

The Prodigal Doctor Returns Read Bergman’s speech as prepared for delivery Listen to Bergman’s speech:

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TRIBUTE TO JOHN UPDIKE at The JFK Library June 7, 2009

August 6th 2009 | in Newsroom, Tributes

This is a short story of a long friendship. John was the second writer I ever met. It was 1979, my first novel had come out, he was 46, I 34. We met at a party of PEN New England at the house of the writers Robie Macauley and Pam Painter. My first impression was […]

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BILL W. AND DR. BOB is now available on DVD!

August 6th 2009 | in Bill W. and Dr. Bob, Newsroom

The 2007 Off-Broadway Production of BILL W. AND DR. BOB is now available on DVD! Click here for more info and to purchase.

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30th anniversary of THE HOUSE OF GOD

August 6th 2009 | in Newsroom

There will be a celebration and symposium celebrating 30th anniversary of THE HOUSE OF GOD and the NEW Shem Novel, THE SPIRIT OF THE PLACE at the Cleveland Clinic in October. Read more: THE HOUSE OF GOD AND RESIDENCY EDUCATION, 1978-2008 For more details on the celebration and symposium, click here.

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He won’t open up? There’s a reason

August 3rd 2009 | in Boston Globe, Newsroom, Op-Ed

By Stephen Bergman  |  August 3, 2009 A COUPLE sits on a beach on a brilliant July day. They’ve just had a picnic lunch, and are in that hazy sweet space of watching the waves and the gulls, the passing sailboat, or, far out, the tanker. They feel close. The woman, wanting to feel even […]

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The patient is the world

July 27th 2009 | in Boston Globe, Newsroom, Op-Ed

By Stephen Bergman | July 27, 2009 MEDICAL STUDENTS in their course on diagnosis are taught: “When you hear hoof beats outside the window don’t assume it’s a zebra.’’ This means that you should think of common diseases first, not exotic ones. Decades ago when I was a medical student in Boston at one of […]

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Five laws of the novelist

July 20th 2009 | in Boston Globe, Newsroom, Op-Ed

By Stephen Bergman  |  July 20, 2009 LIKE THE arcane process of film developing in a darkroom tray, several Laws of the Novelist have appeared, and are offered as a guide to those so inclined. Law Number One: Don’t Believe Teachers. The son of a dentist, I always wanted to be a writer. At college […]

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