THE ROUNDTABLE  Interview by Alan Chartock with Samuel Shem

Fri, Jan 18, 2013  WAMC Radio

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The Prodigal Doctor Returns

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The Spirit of the Place reviewed by WBZ’s Jordan Rich and Friends

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Click here to listen to an audio piece by Stephen Bergman for The New York Times
Stephen Bergman talks about the story of AA and the inspiration for the play, BILL W. AND DR.BOB.


In Conversation with… Stephen Bergman
Alan Chartock of Albany Public Radio about THE SPIRIT OF THE PLACE (2008-07-03)

Alan Chartock sits down with Stephen Bergman for a fascinating hour.
Stephen Bergman is a novelist, playwright, and, for three decades, a member of the Harvard Medical School faculty. His novels, The House of God, Fine and Mount Misery have sold over 3 million copies.

President and CEO of WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Alan Chartock is also Professor Emeritus of communications at The State University of New York at Albany, Executive Publisher and Project Director of The Legislative Gazette, and a syndicated columnist, as well as being rumored to pick a mean banjo.